Quality and Test

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The highest standards

Our Quality and Test department coordinates quality within the production process as well as managing technical customer service, preventive and corrective actions.

Quality Assurance ensures compliance with national and international regulations related to the company’s activity, as well as integrating production and administration into the process in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

To achieve this, TGB Group’s services and processes are governed by the ISO International Standard through the Integrated Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015). The ISO Standards (International Standard Organization) are a certification that ensures quality based on these regulations, aimed at improving the management of the company and its results.

They are recognised worldwide and are awarded after the company has undergone an evaluation of the way it works and the level of customer satisfaction, among others.

What is done


Quality compliance

of the products and services manufactured and distributed by the company in accordance with the organisation’s internal procedures.


Supervision and approval

of inspection guidelines on raw material, subcontracting services, marketed end product.


Exhaustive monitoring

 of quality checkpoints in production.


Management of non-conformities

and after-sales tracking with customer support.


Certificate IEC 62817 + A1:2017

Photovoltaic systems – Design qualification of solar tracker TVR300-Z10

Certificate IEC 62817: 2014 + 20114

Photovoltaic systems – Design qualification of solar tracker TVR200

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