About TGB Group

Who we are

Over the years, TGB Group has established itself as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-precision parts for a wide variety of applications. Our patented slewing units as well as all our hydraulic products are a benchmark for our customers.


Where we are located

We have two large production centres in Asia (China and India) as well as our headquarters in Spain (Barcelona), where we design each product with our engineering team.
Also in Spain (Durango), we have a logistics centre with sales offices.



Our headquarters are located among vineyards 20 minutes from Barcelona. Here we centralise our operations and develop all new engineering and quality projects. In addition, we have doubled our surface area to improve our logistics management and production processes.


Offices and Logistics Centres

In the Basque Country, also in Spain, we have a production centre for linear solutions and logistics.

On the other hand, we have offices that provide support to our customers in countries such as Brazil, France or Turkey.


Manufacturing Facilities

In addition to the support in Barcelona, we have two factories located in China and India:

  • China Factory

Located in Shanghai, we have been manufacturing our components in this 17,000m² facility with more than 150 employees since 2009.

  • India Factory

This is the group’s newest factory, operational since 2017 and located in Coimbatore. It has a surface area of more than 11,000 m² and a workforce of more than 60 employees.


Our partners

In addition, we have the strength of being able to rely on the best distributors located all over the world, building a large network to speed up the distribution of our products.

Principles of our work



Quality always comes first. The best companies in the world endorse us.



As a good family company, we have deep-rooted values that set our course.



That’s TGB’s pedigree: there is always room for improvement.



Non-negotiable. Our products are a critical part of our customers’ applications.

Our achievements


Years in business


Top specialists


Satisfied cutomers


Patented Solutions

Why choose our company

We are your team

Our team of engineers is at your disposal to answer your technical questions.

Enjoy the experience

We guarantee an agile and dynamic purchasing process, with tight delivery times and after-sales service.

Get the prices

One of our strengths. We always look for the most optimised solution.

Feel safe

Our team is ready to solve any incident, even the most urgent ones.


We always go one step further in all our solutions.

Grow with you

We work tailor-made for your project. Your success is our success. 

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