Our technical department

At TGB Group we have an in-house technical department with more than 25 years of experience in the sector. Our engineering department is responsible for the design and optimisation of our products, offering customised calculation solutions and advising our customers on all their projects.

We work with calculation software dedicated to design and always double check the results obtained. These checks are cross-checked with calculation tables designed in collaboration with external engineering companies to verify and guarantee that our product complies with the parameters indicated in the sales drawings.

Each component is checked and tested separately and as a whole to obtain a real sample of behaviour and to detect critical and restrictive points.


What is done


New design development

Always looking for continuous improvement in performance, efficiency and usability.


Customized standard products

Customisation of our standard products to our customers’ specifications.


Client technical support

In permanent communication to clear up all the doubts and calculations that our clients may require.


Test dev & control

All our solutions are tested and performed under the most demanding conditions.

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