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To do this, they use 3D design software that allows calculations of resistance of the pieces (Analysis with finite element method, FEM).

For the correct selection of the suitable turning crowns for each application, the technical department carries out studies under different load cases and a detailed report of the resistance can be delivered if the client requires it. These calculations are made using the MESYS bearing and crown calculation software, which follows the main regulations of the bearing industry.

TGB Group Technologies has several internal designs patented internationally that guarantee that our designs are unique and are solutions whose innovation and operation is corroborated in the different countries where the patent has been accepted.

FEM, analysis with finite element method.

Patents, Certificates and Documentation of TGB-Group

TGB Group Technologies, has been manufacturing (patented) rotational innovations and technological movements for its customers.


TGB Group Technologies invests continuously in the technical state of its production team, combining it with the latest software such as FEM (finite analysis method). A qualified and experienced technical team is ready to assist you in choosing the best possible solution for your applications.

TGB Group Technologies guarantees that all its products are designed and manufactured according to international standard quality regulations.


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Patent (Unite State)


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