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TGB Group Technologies in the Apex Show

TGB Group Technologies in the Apex Show

From May 2 to 4, 2017, the ninth edition of the APEX show was held at the Amsterdam RAI center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The show was organized by the Industrial Promotions International BV (IPI) and supported by Access International and the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), federation that is member TGB Group Technologies from last year.

Equipment manufacturers such as self-propelled machines, vehicle mounted platforms, hoists and mast climbers, low level platforms and access towers. Used equipment specialists, software rental companies as well as suppliers of ancillary products and services have made up the most of 100 exhibitors that have met in these 4 days of the APEX show where TGB Group Technologies has also participated exposing its products.

In fact, TGB Group Technologies took advantage of this edition of the show to introduce the new light version of the slewing drive type LBE435, the LBE435-z3. A model with the same characteristics and qualities that its namesake but with the only difference that is produced with lighter materials obtaining, as a result, a lighter and less heavy slewing drive.


Another new featured that TGB Group Technologies introduced in the APEX show, was the slewing drive LBE100. A model of almost 6kg that highlight because of its little dimensions: 18cm hight,16’5cm large and only 81cm wide. From now on, and thanks to TGB Group Technologies, all those applications that need small-size of slewing drives can count on us.


Finally, TGB Group Technologies advanced to the public the new project that is working at: rotary hydraulic actuators. These rotary actuators have a high capacity of strength, a good mechanical rigidity and a high dynamic response. Its main applications are in heavy machinery, mobile applications, marine and aerospace applications.

Rotary hydraulic actuators

On our Youtube channel you can take a look of our passage throught APEX 2017