DAD Series

The Dual Axis Drive series consists on a combination of a vertical and a horizontal slew drive that allows the movement on both axis in order to use one complete part to perform all the movements required on a solar tracker.

This kind of slew drive includes an external lip seal that provides a higher protection against dust and water.

It includes easy access direct lubrication points to ensure that the raceway is always in optimum condition for a smooth movement.

This rotation unit can be driven by either an hydraulic motor, an electric motor.

This slewing drive has been specially designed for applications with significant static holding torque and full-rotation movement like dual axis solar trackers.

Like all our slewing drives, the DAD series is UV light resistant and can be given a variety of more advanced paint treatments for more hostile environments to prevent corrosion.

Sizes can be in metric or imperial so that it will be 100% compatible with the final application.

It can be supplied with keyed or splined shaft.

Main Features