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Slewing Rings

We have a variety of single and double row roller bearing products designed to absorb axial and radial forces such as tilting forces. The slewing rings are sealed on both sides to protect the rolling elements from dust, foreign materials and to prevent grease leakage.


TGB Group Technologies manufactures motion solutions that are used under the toughest conditions: we can apply special anti-corrosion treatment, special surface coatings for heavy industry (off-shore), hardening purposes and measures on the raceways and internal gears, etc.


After consultation, for any slewing ring, we can provide certified materials in accordance with the certificates referred to in standard EN 10204 (certificates 2.2, 3.1 and 3.2).


TGB Group Technologies is able to design and produce lathes and solutions for those customers who require them: our team of technicians is highly experienced and will assist customers in choosing the best solution.


In order to select and design the best possible solution, we would appreciate it if you could send your inquiry as detailed as possible regarding the technical characteristics to our technical department at For telephone assistance, you can contact any of our local offices.


Slewing rings are used in applications such as construction equipment, platforms, cranes, accessories, demolition equipment, packaging equipment, food processing equipment, turntables, satellite antennas, trailers, etc.

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