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Slewing drives

TGB Group Technologies is a leading manufacturer of slewing drives with own patented rotation technologies.

Slewing drives are compact rotation units built into an iron casted housing that contains a slewing ring with a gear. A worm gear rotates a slewing ring with high precision; it enables maximum gear torque and smooth rotation. Slewing drives can handle axial, radial and tilting loads and are fully sealed.


Slewing drives are designed to operate horizontally and / or vertically in slowly rotating equipment. TGB Group Technologies slewing drives are self-locking, therefore expensive external brake systems are not needed. Furthermore, they are equipped with motor flange connectors on both sides for flexible and easy installation of an electric or hydraulic motor.


Main features of TGB Technologies slewing drives:

  • Single-axis and Dual-axis
  • Gear ratios (speed reducers) from 1:40 – 1:150
  • Customized modifications
  • Compact construction
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High precision with low backlash (clearance between mating teeth)
  • Motor connection flanges on both sides of worm gear
  • Long life performance
  • UV resistant sealing
  • Powder coating (available in any RAL color)


TGB Group Technologies produces slewing drives that are recognized and valued in various market sectors worldwide, like in:
Aerial platforms and work platforms, solar tracking systems (PV, CPV and CSP), wind turbines, agricultural and forestry equipment, marine (vessel) cranes, off-shore platforms, small and mid-sized cranes, truck cranes, vacuum trucks, etc.


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