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Slewing drives

The rotating modules are compact rotational units integrated in a cast iron housing that contains a turning ring with a gear. The gear rotates the turning ring with great precision and allows for smooth rotation and maximum effort.
The rotation modules can support axial, radial and inclined loads and are completely sealed.

The rotation modules are indicated to work both horizontally and vertically in slow rotation equipment. The rotation modules of TGB Group Technologies have self-locking, therefore expensive external brake systems are not necessary.

In addition, they are equipped with motorized flanges on both sides, which allow an easy and flexible installation of the hydraulic or electric motor.

Characteristics and applications

The main features that the turn modules of TGB Technologies present are:

  • Possibility of 1 single axis or double axis
  • Transmission ratios (speed reducers) from 1:40 – 1: 150
  • Custom modifications
  • Compact construction
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High precision with low reaction (clearance between matched teeth)
  • Motorized connection flanges on both sides of helical gear
  • Long life performance
  • Sealed UV resistant
  • Protective dust layer (available in any RAL color)

The modules of rotation that TGB Group Technologies manufactures are recognized and well valued worldwide in different sectors of the market such as:

  • Lifting platforms and elevators
  • Solar movement systems (PV, CPV and CSP)
  • Wind turbines, forestry and agricultural equipment
  • Marine cranes (ships), marine platforms, small and medium cranes, crane trucks
  • Suction dredges, etc.

* From the technical department of TGB Group an error has been detected in the catalog of Slew Drives, in model BE700-Z1, where it is indicated that the input shaft is Ø25mm when in fact it is Ø32mm. Please keep this error in mind for your future order. In short, we will make the necessary modifications in the catalog version.

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