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Renewable energy

TGB Group Technologies has pioneered in tracking the solar market since 2005 when we built the first motion solutions for solar tracking systems double and a single axis.


Since then, we have been working at the forefront of solar tracking technologies. At the moment, TGB Group Technologies, manufactures crowns and modules turning high accuracy as well as equipment such as linear actuators for units spin PV, CPV and CSP .


The slewing and motion solutions are TGB Group Technologies recognized and valued worldwide . In addition to slewing, TGB Group Technologies is capable of delivering a wide range of linear actuators.


A wide range of crowns and turning modules and products such as linear actuators or gears are available from stock, ensuring short delivery anywhere in the world; with our manufacturing lines in Barcelona or Shanghai offers a quick start in the production of special solutions.

Company profile


More than 20 years of experience in turning modules, gears and power transmissions.



Making your crowns and turn modules is designed to meet a wide range of needs.

Renewable energy


Our slewing and motion solutions are recognized and valued worldwide.



Develop a long lasting relationship with our customers by demonstrating the commitment and reliability.