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Linear solutions

Linear actuators:
Linear actuators are electromechanical devices that transform rotational movements into linear motions. A motor drives a screw worm and (bronze) gear ring inside an actuator in a longitudinal displacement. Actuators are powered directly via a motor or via a gear system.


TGB Group Technologies produces linear actuators that are designed to work fully aligned with the load they are moving, preventing lateral loads or stress during operation. Proper installation guarantees that host and load work completely in-line.


All linear actuators can be equipped with various motor drives that operate the linear motion, optional gearboxes can be used to change the linear output speeds.


TGB Group linear actuators are ideal for applications that need reliable and precise linear movement, rising or movement / passage.
TGB Group Technologies produces screw jack- and (telescopic) linear actuators. Screw jacks move loads by means of a spindle (like lifts), telescopic actuators like cranes protrude their spindle only in one direction.


TGB Group Technologies offers a broad range of actuators with the following characteristics:

  • Axial load capacities range from 20 kN to 300 kN
  • Dynamic force up to 250 kN
  • Stroke lengths from 500 mm to 2500 mm
  • Material and surface coatings according to industry standards
  • IP65 rated protection (International Protection Rating)
  • Connecting element attached (like clevis or rod-ends)
  • reliable and cost-effective designs
  • high precision and exact positioning
  • low maintenance
  • optional special fixtures (switches/ sensors) and components for optimal adjustment



TGB Group Technologies linear actuators and solutions are used in various applications, like:

  • Antennas
  • Solar panels
  • Scissor lifts
  • Horizontal, vertical and access systems



TGB Group Technologies either has linear actuators that meets your needs or we develop it for and with you.
Please contact us and send your request for information to or contact your local sales office.
TGB Group Technologies is committed to supply the best possible solution and advice that meets your needs and requirements.

Linear guides:

The TGB Group Technologies linear guides are systems of high precision motion technology based on a recirculating ball while giving high rigidity and has low friction characteristics.


The linear guides are characterized by their low noise even when working at high speeds and for his long life in addition to require low maintenance. They are easy to install and the TGB Group Technologies linear guides are presented in a standard and completely interchangeable with most existing brands on the market.


The linear guides has a standard design of 4000mm in length. TGB Group Technologies, in an effort of provide a good service to its customers, has a cutting and facing workshop for the rails so they can suit customer needs.


In order to make the right decision about the linear system, TGB Group Technologies recommends to consider some criteria such as determining the accuracy, size and the shape of the desired system according to the machine where the linear guide is going to be installed and also has the customer has to consider the conditions of load, speed and environmental conditions. The technical department of TGB Group Technologies can give to its customers advice taking into account all these and more features and ensure that their decision will be the correct decision.


All linear guides are under rated loads and tilting moments, avoiding possible deformations and the existence of vibrations. The dynamic load that can withstand the system is statically determined and defined as the distance that 90% of the linear systems are able to travel before flaking.

Sometimes, the customer may need a supplement to the linear guides such as ball screw, which is a system of low friction capable of transform a rotary motion into linear motion. TGB Group Technologies also offers to the customer trapezoidal screw with S/DIN-103 entrance which can be cheaper.

Some applications that the TGB Group Technologies linear guides has are:

  • Means of production as milling, grinding, turning, drilling, pressing, perforating, welding
  • Transport machinery
  • Test equipment
  • Packaging machinery
  • Tools machinery
  • Production machinery such as injection modeling machinery, machinery for the paper industry, textile machinery, measurement and test machinery
  • Cutting stone machinery
  • Other activities like medical equipment, automation, handling equipment, etc.


TGB Group Technologies is capable to deliver its linear guides adjusting to the customer needs also he has the commitment of TGB Group Technologies to advise and guide him in making decision on the best solution according to their needs and requirements. For this, the customer can transmit its inquiry through the e-mail