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Linear solutions

Linear actuators


Linear actuators are devices that are responsible for transforming a rotary movement provided by a motor in linear motion thanks to the combination of a steel auger and a bronze toothed ring; These devices are prepared to work under difficult conditions or environments where the working temperature range is between -10ºC and 60ºC.

TGB Group Technologies manufactures two main types of linear actuators: screwdriver or telescopic. The main difference between the two is that in the first type, the spindle has a metal cover on the back and a rubber cover on the front, while the telescopic only protrudes the spindle on one side and is covered with a tube chrome plated.

There are different possibilities when choosing a linear actuator apart from the type of actuator. TGB Group Technologies can provide any of its series with a fork-type or ball-type joint. It also has different possibilities at the time of choosing the actuator stroke can provide runs from 500mm to 2500mm.

These elements are prepared to work completely aligned with the load, so lateral loads have to be avoided and care must be taken during installation to ensure that the auger and load are completely coaxial.

Upon express request of the client in our email, TGB Group Technologies is able to design a custom-made linear actuator solution that adapts to the specified requirements. In addition, the entire range of linear actuators from TGB Group Technologies can be adapted to be used in a direct motor or to be used in a motor-reducer that slows down the output speed.

The linear actuators that TGB Group Technologies provides, are the best solution for those applications that need a linear movement, lifting or translation.


Our linear actuators can be applied in:

  • Antennas
  • Solar panels
  • Scissor lifts
  • Horizontal, vertical and shutter systems

Linear guides:


The linear guides of TGB Group Technologies are high precision movement systems based on a ball recirculation technology that gives high rigidity at the same time and has low friction characteristics.

The linear guides are characterized by their low noise level even when working at high speeds and for their long life as well as requiring low maintenance. They are easily installed and the linear guides that TGB Group Technologies offers are presented in a standard design and completely interchangeable with the majority of existing brands in the market.

The linear guides have a standard design of 4000mm in length. TGB Group Technologies, in an effort to offer a good service to its customers, has a workshop for cutting and facing the rails to adapt them to the needs of the customer.

In order to make the right decision regarding the linear system, TGB Group Technologies recommends you to take into account a series of criteria such as determining the accuracy, dimensions and shape of the desired system according to the machine where the guide will be installed. how to take into account the loading conditions, operating speed and environmental conditions.

So that you can make the right decision, the technical department of TGB Group Technologies can offer you an advice taking into account all these and more characteristics and ensure that your decision will be the most adjusted to what the client requires.

All linear guides are subject to nominal loads and tipping moments, thus avoiding possible deformation or vibrations. The dynamic load capacity that the system can support is determined statistically and is defined as the distance that 90% of linear systems are able to travel before desquamation.

Sometimes, the client may need a complement to linear guides such as the ball screw, which is a low friction system capable of converting a rotary movement into a linear movement. TGB Group Technologies also has available to the customer spindles of trapezoidal thread and S / DIN-103 input, which can be a little more economical.


The linear guides that TGB Group Technologies provides have different and different applications, some of these uses can be:

  • Machining centers such as milling, turning, drilling, pressing, drilling
  • Transport machinery
  • Testing equipment
  • Packaging machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Production machines such as injection molding machines, paper industry, textile machines, food industry, wood mechanization
  • Machinery for the electronics industry: semiconductor industry, robotic technology, cross tables, measuring and testing machines
  • Machinery for stone cutting
  • Other fields such as medical equipment, automation, manipulators, etc.

TGB Group Technologies is able to supply its linear guides adjusting to the needs of the client, also it has the commitment of TGB Group Technologies to advise and guide you in making the decision on the best solution according to your needs and requirements, for this you can transmit your inquiry through the mail

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TGB Group Technologies is able to supply its linear guides according to the needs of the client, in addition it has the commitment of TGB Group Technologies to advise and guide you in making the decision on the best solution according to your needs and requirements, for this you only have to send us your inquiry and we will contact you immediately:

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