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LBE100 | The alternative to the rotary actuator

LBE100 | The alternative to the rotary actuator

LBE100 | The alternative to the rotary actuator


With a super reduced weight of 6kg, the LBE100 is the smallest and most compact slewing drive from TGB Group Technologies. It is designed to move telescopic arms, solar trackers, baskets or any low load application.


Highest quality

The LBE100, like all products from TGB Group Technologies, guarantees a long lifetime while ensuring the safety, accuracy and uniformity of rotary motion. To this purpose, the module is tested under extremely demanding conditions, and also high Quality standards such as IP65 certification for dust and water protection.

As for the gearbox, a hardness treatment is applied, which consists of a thermochemical process to improve its mechanical behaviour and its resistance to corrosion.

A reduced backlash is also applied to increase the precision of the movement.


Slewing drive or rotary actuator?

The LBE100 has been designed to compete with rotary actuators. Ease of maintenance, compact design and adaptability to different types of AC, DC and hydraulic motors make this module the perfect alternative to the actuator.

In addition, in some countries, the limited weight of cranes, basket trucks and other mechanised vehicles makes the use of the LBE100 indispensable, as it reduces weight by more than 15 kg.

In addition, the market price is much more competitive.


TGB Group Technologies is known for offering customised solutions to our customers’ needs. Our team of engineers supports the customer before, during and after the product purchase process.

That is why two versions have been designed:

  • Standard Version: 360º movement.
  • Hard Stop: 180° movement.


Technical Specifications:

  • Ratio: 54
  • Weight: 6 Kg
  • Nominal torque: 245 Nm
  • Maximum torque: 635 Nm
  • Breaking torque: 3 kNm
  • Blacklash: <0.13
  • Lubrication: Grease


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