BE-700-Z1 | Why is it the most in demand? | TGB Group Technologies
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BE-700-Z1 | Why is it the most in demand?

BE-700-Z1, the most popular large slew drive


Thanks to our long history at the forefront of slew drive design, TGB Group Technologies is able to produce the most innovative and impactful solutions in the industry.

In this case, our BE series slew drives are modules that stand out for their versatility of use and applications. Specifically, the BE-700-Z1 has technical characteristics that make it a highly versatile and highly competitive solution.

The high demand for this model is due to its powerful features such as its high load capacity, ease of assembly and use and its high reliability. In addition, the low-profile design makes this 770mm diameter module very lightweight, allowing it to be used in a multitude of applications such as marine cranes, lifting platforms, civil engineering machinery, solar tracker systems, facade access solutions and many more.







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